Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more 1's!

1/11/11. is 11/11/11 going to be like another 7/7/07, where weddings fly off the hooks? how about 3/14/15? can we get married then?

idk, it's been like...a year and three months or something. meh, nothing special. and i didn't even celebrate/mourn/be indifferent about the un-anniversary!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so the dude never responded to me

granted i said i was actually a guy, but hey. i think that's discrimination. does he think transsexuals can't flirt.

hope he had a smashin' nice party.

you know how people collect mummies?

like how mummies always disappear from museums or get bought up by rich "collectors" for their "private collections."

so some rich dude who has a showcase for dead 5,000 year old corpses. and likes to invite his friends over for tea and talk about it over the coffee table.

heh. i wanna collect mummies when i grow up, too.

on the search

for a dress spun from gold

Saturday, November 27, 2010

what are your least favorite girl names?

I generally don't like: names that come in lots of different spellings and variations, names that are obviously for girls but don't sound feminine at all, and names that sound matronly. No offense to anyone with these names! I just don't like them.

Here are mine:

Heather - sounds like feather; also does not sound girl
Celine/Selena - makes me feel like you misspelled Serena
Alina/Elena/Elana - see above
Barbara - sounds like and old lady
Susan - like above, but less so
Maria - way too common in all languages, and doesn't sound feminine to me
Ava/Ada - too short and too many A's
Gail - sounds like a guy's name, and also a fat bird
Princess/Precious/Queen - no you're notA
Ally - reminds me of an alley
Addy - sounds really annoying
Alexandra - I don't think it sounds very feminine either despite its -a ending; it's very lengthy and not nice-sounding
MaryAnne, Mariana, or other names that are portmanteaus of two names
May, June, April or other month names

What are yours?
  • Avery - As in, where you keep birds... ew
    Logan - MASCULINE and ugly
    Bernice/Agnes - I'm into classic, old-fashioned names, but this just doesn't sound attractive
    Latoya/Leteisha - Not a fan of 'ghetto' names... they just aren't me taste
    Janelle - This sounds very bogan to me
    Emelia/Ellison - Basically any name where the A is changed to an E
    Alise/Alizabeth - See above, only opposite
    Yasmin/Xantha/Zandra - I've just never liked names that start with those letters
    Nicollete -Seriously? It sounds like 'nicorette'
    Gracie/Maddie/Mia/Becca - I HATE nicknames as full names

  • Ashley
    Both Ashley and Brittany were nice names to me until they became grossly over used. I have six cousins named Ashley or Brittany.
    All these names are too dated to me.
    Those three names remind me of getting my a$$ kicked daily through out school.
    My absolute least favorite female name is Isabella.

    I used to love Isabella and planned on using for my daughter until everyone I told said the same thing or variations of the same thing, "Isn't that cute you must love Twilight."

  • 1. Brogan - it's so close to Bogan and doesn't have a nice sound at all.
    2. Laiken - looks and sounds bad.
    3. Nevaeh - So overused and silly.
    4. Schappel - Too weird.
    5. Mercedes - Type of car. Yes, I'm aware Schapel and Mercedes are Australian sisters.
    6. Mckenzie - It means son of Ken. Not feminine.
    7. Riley - is a boys name.
    8. Payton - is a last name, and not an attractive name at all.
    9. Aisling - Unless you are Irish, this name does not look like it is pronounced Ashlynn.
    10. Payson - Same as Payton: it's a last name.

    Sorry to anyone that has these names; I don't mean to offend.
    ~ {A} ~

  • Clementine - it reminds me of hillbillies
    Maddison - scummy slut name
    Britney - see Maddison
    Holly - see Britney
    Ebony - see Holly
    Hippolyta - I think it's kinda self-explanatory...
    James - and Ryan, and Spencer, and Quinn, and other masculine names on girls
    Emma-Lee - and other names that would be fine spelled normally (Emily)
    Lily-Jane - and other hickish hyphenated names
    Mo'Nique - and other names with apostrophes in them, such as La'Teisha (Monique or Letitia would be fine)


  • 1. Ashley (ugh, so girly!!!!!)
    2. Brianna (I think cheerleader)
    3. Courtney (same as above)
    4. Mackenzie (one of those last name first name things)
    5. America (why name your kid after a country???)
    6. Britney (I think of a perky blonde/Britney Spears)
    7. Barbara (old lady :))
    8. Bliss (ew, cheesy!!!)
    9. Bunny (pretty self-explanatory)
    10. Kitty (um, an animal, hello!!!)

    ☺ ☺ ☺ ☂ ☁

  • Kendall - Plain stupid. Sounds like Kennel.
    Therancis - Eugh...
    Khaylyn - What?!
    Chastity - I mean, eh?!
    Candey - Stupid parents.
    Chevvy - I remeber it had a sweet meaning, but, c'mon, it does sound like you just called your kid chavvy.
    Khyranleigh - Imagine having to spell that everywhere you go.
    Lee - a little boring.
    Emaleigh, Whyllow, Jayne, Fhey, Kate-rhine - What's wrong with Emily, Willow, Jane, Faye and Catherine?!
    Rosalie - just gets to me.
    James - It's a BOYS name. And so's Reece! And Ryan! Argh!
    Alikeeshmaroleina - Oh really.
    Christmas - I'm not even gonna explain.
    Nevaeh - We all know why.
    Mcenzie - Means SON of _ _ _. Is your daughter the son of Ken? No? Then don't call her that. Some people >___>

    That's more than 10, sorry :p
    Anything trendy that doesn't have a meaning, I instantly dislike.

    Love, Lottie x <3

  • Emily- too frilly and a girl ruined this name for me with her horrible personality
    Amber- sounds trashy
    Heather- sounds like a trashy mean girl
    Gertrude- just plain aweful
    Irma- soo ugly
    Tiffany- screams 80s
    Victoria- mostly cuz I HATE Vicky
    Zoe- doesn't sound right for a human
    Becky- sounds country
    Alianna- too princessy

    No offense to anyone with these names...just my personal opinion!

  • Not in any order:
    10. Destinee
    Plus any names spelt really badly or with apostrophes in them.

  • Least Favorites :

    1. Nevaeh -- heaven spelled backwords, trashy! Means hell right?
    2. Addison -- Has son in it, plus it reminds me of the disease
    3. Madison -- Again why name you daughter something with son in it?
    4. Avery -- Boys name to me & extremely trendy!
    5. Brooklyn. -- Again trendy! I just hate it!
    6. Mckenna -- Anything with Mc bother's me with girl names.
    7. Payton/Peyton -- Ugh hate it. It's just ugly lol. Plus it can be unisex , I hate unisex names.
    8. Morgan -- Too trendy, was originally a boys name.
    9. McKenzie/Mackenzie - See Mckenna lol.
    10. Mercedes -- Like the car? lol trashy!

    ♥ {ag}

  • ~Amora (ah-MO-rah)
    ~Anneliese (ah-ne-LEE-zə)
    ~Liesel (LEE-zil)

    * I like them because they are beautiful names...

  • Braeleigh
    Nevaeh (but I do love it when the retards spell it 'Neveah')
    Peighton/Payton/Peytyn etc
    Mackynzie or any of the 4 billion other ways people like to chop it up
    Ariella (sounds like areola)

  • Nevaeh - Obvious

    Jade - It just bugs me, I think of just a really b*tchy ugly girl.

    Peyton - this girl I know named her kid this and the way she says it I just want to punch her.

    Naomi - So ugly, I dont know why but it gives me the chills.

    Priscilla - I have met one girl named this and she just thought she was so cool because her name was Priscilla it sounds like a spin off on Princess, ick.

    Destiny - I really dont like many virtue/word names.

    Ashley - This is a horrible name for boys and girls, in my opinion.

    Gretchen - This was my choir teachers name and I just felt bad for her.

    Bobbie-Jo - My boyfriends cousins name. She is annoying and so is the name. Its so redneck.

    Jessica- I just all around hate this name. Its icky.