Thursday, October 28, 2010

i don't remember beling THIS ticked about rii

i think that's because despite everything,
i didn't actually think...
well, she's not as pretty

this is the weather..

the "finally, spring has come - no more winter!" weather.
the time for tshirts and mini skirts, for stretching your arms out and breathing it all in
i look outside and it's starting to get dark...it looks like an 8 or 9 PM on a summer day?
why does this week's weather seem like a cutout from the past spring
is it like the calm before the storm,
and when will the world will end in drastic fashion?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i got a reprieve

now i really should use it, or something, shouldn't i?

it's funny when advice comes true

i remember first when i was told
that it X didn't matter as long as Y
but i was like, gee THOSE people
have no clue what they're talking about
how can X not matter? we're not
talking about X as a function of Y
we're just talking about X
and X does not depend on Y,
as far as I know.

well, shoot me, because i'm wrong
and now, i feel like that's ALL i ever wanted
and the first thing i can hope for
is for X-in-terms-of-Y
i understand it now
which makes it funny, because
when does advice ever come true anyways?

you are a frozen frame in time

i don't know you any other way
when i reach out i suddently stop,
memories ticking, thinking
i've seen you this way before
i still don't really know what you look like
or at least i hope i don't


..at least one more part solved.

did you read that?

who did you think of?

i still hate w, and will hate her forever

-->> although i do wonder about "forever."
will i really? or will it just be one of those
superlatives that are never true?
do i hate (what's her name, i don't even remember)
i suppose i do. i don't like her very much.
you can even say i hate her.
but i don't hate danie. maybe i hate rii.

idk. hate is such a funny thing sometimes.
but you know what's even funnier? at least i've
stopped believing that forever is a long,
long time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

i said "be nice. he did you a great favor."

but now i know it wasn't about favors,
and he's not stupid. so everything i know,
he knows too. but a different side of it.
well, you know, regardless it's worth the same amount.
but if it wasn't about favors,
(meaning it's not about friendships - no, it makes me happy
that he doesn't give a sh*t about you any more
than about me)
then what is it about?

so he does understand

i wonder if it makes more sense or less sense
because now, i suppose we are on the same page again
and i don't know whether or not i should be sad
because that's that, and that's it
or happy, because after all i got my wish,
since this probably would never have happened with anyone else

lv speedy and denim raye pleaty :)

i think those are my favorite LVs right now. and i want, the LV speedy azur 25. no monograms for me please.

except in denim. those are the cutest LVs!! i need one :D

pros and cons of Miu Miu Mini Bow vs. Balenciaga First

Miu Miu pros
- they're more rare, i think, at least on the streets. i don't tend to see balenciaga that much either but there's always someone carrying one. idk if it's real or fake (probably real) though. oh, especially if you're from an asian country or somewhere that has a lot of asian tourists. SOMEONE will be wearing balenciaga.
- the mini bow is cute...although the first is cute too.
- you can utilize the cross body strap so you won't have to hold the bag for long periods of time, or have your shoulder hurt. things always seem to slip off my shoulder, but that's solved if you're carrying cross-body!
- i LOVE the color mughetto. it's the best neutral-yet-pink shade EVER. in some light it's grayish, in some light it's pink, and in others it's a combination of them both. balenciaga is known for their chameleon colors, but this one has them all beat!
- i think the leather looks really nice. i haven't seen on in real life, but it's the glazed leather that seems a mixture between patent and non-patent. so it won't get wet really easily, but still feels soft and cool to the touch.
- the size. it can fit all i need, and won't be too baggy or annoyingly large after that. size does a lot for me in a handbag. this is the biggest i'm ever going to need!

- the opening does seem a bit weird and hard to get into. it has to be zippered and then folded along the side?
- the bows are cute, but not the usual type of bows i like. but still cute.
- um, it's expensive. 'nuff said.
- and hard to find.
- in that color

Balenciaga pros
- smooshy, lovely leather!! the staple of balenciaga!
- i do like the tassels.
- i also like the shoulder strap and the arms strap
- also great shape and size. i like the first because it's more rectangular while the city is very squarish. i don't like squarish shapes as much.
- very easy to get in and out of
- also photographs extremely well ;)
- love the color blueberry! it's the perfect dark navy blue i'm starting to loveee!

- might be a littttle too...noticeable? like, anyone can notice a balenciaga
- the tassels are cute and the shape is cute but i feel like together, the bag isn't particularly girly
- also hard to find, in the color i want (blueberry!!!) but if i stalk ebay enough, i'll probably find it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

you know..

there's a LOT that t doesn't tell me.
why is that? does t just, like, *not* talk?

edit- or maybe i forgot.
maybe t just doesn't talk like me
so i am confused for a bit..
and then i understand

i get a new phone starting november,

but i think i'm going to miss my keyboard. it was so easy to text. texting on touch screen is nowhere near as easy. the phone is prettier but...idk how functionable it will be. but to prevent scratches i need to protect it ASAP. invisishield or whatever!!

can't wait. sorta

if you tell me "i don't hate"

i would tell you
you're lying, and
that's not allowed

you know, i tend to feel sadder about

abandoned puppies and hazing than about people dying in the holocaust

why are wellesley & BU girls supposed "obsessed"

with the MIT fratboy culture?
like are we that...*cool*? lmfao

the phrase "go ahead, spoil yourself a little"

does not apply to me.
because i do that, like, everyday.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"this is a black tie event"

oh, the silly things human beings do with (and to!) each other. let's see, we play dress up in pretty gowns and go places with other people also dressed up and by virtue of dressing up it's considered a "formal" event. as in, whatever i'm supposed to be celebrating right now, i can celebrate it better if i'm in a dress. we can prance around with bows in our hair and pretend to be all serious, and that gives the impression that this event has been adequately celebrated. no laughter, only speak when directed to, and do things in orderly rhythmic intervals. oh, the silly things that we do! and the unnecessary lengths we go to, to do them.

if only they knew, i wonder how weird they would find it? it's like how we find nile perch mating behavior or duck migration patterns weird. or even weirder than that. and by "they" i mean the aliens.

ive never had a dream come true

til the day that i met you
and even though i pretend that i've moved on
you'll always be
my baby

Thursday, October 21, 2010

maybe because i view it as YOUR problem

nobody will need to fix it but you. this is a promise to myself more than an ultimatum for you.

I'm like a little girl again

well, i certainly feel like one. i can't help it, but yet oh it's so wrong

i give up..

you win. fuck you. but you win.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cry! cry!

this pset is hard!

i wish i can

buy prettiness
maybe that's what i'm trying to do

why are miu miu bags more expensive

than prada bags? seriously, the pricing points are higher...miu miu doesn't have half as many cheapie accessories and cheap(er) non-leather bags. the leather ones are also priced the same. the quality? probably better. funny, eh?

miu miu is supposed to be the "more affordable little sister brand" .. not that it's any more affordable, or that people actually call it that ;P

The new motto to my life

should be "here we go again."

*refresh* still in memphis *refresh* still in memphis *refresh* still in memphis

is me

if i were k,

i'd take tons of pictures. because no matter WHAT, it will look like a piece of art

ok REblocking ebay

here we go again





i wonder if i can get one for <$600.

mughetto is the PERFECT neutral pink!! love the color! plus, it has a crossbody strap. i'm soo digging crossbodies now. no hands!!

aww miley song makes me want to dance

dance like her

Miley Cyrus - who owns my heart

I have to say...good song. the lyrics are a bit Miley but that's to be expected. other than that, catchy.

the video is O___O but i guess she'll do what she wants to do. it's sexy but too bad her face is attached to her body. SHE WILL NEVER NOT LOOK LIKE HANNAH MONTANA!!! MUAHAHA! way to typecast



do you like my layout =D

what should i post here? is there like some things i should post here but other things i should post elsewhere. does that even make sense. i don't even know.

The mini bow and the LV speedy 25 are perfect sizes :)

I like the size of those two. The balenciaga first is a good size, too. I now don't know what I want more. The balenciaga first or the Miu Miu mini bow? Not the bow - too big. but for some really weirdass reason, no mini bows are for wale right now. weird. ebay generally has EVERYTHING for sale. i would know.

yeah, it's a perfect size because you can fit everything you need, and there would be only a bit of empty space left. so no huge bag that you can carry the kitchen sink in. that feels like carrying a bag to carry the bag. not to carry the stuff inside the bag. i guess it's supposed to be a mixture of both.

it's hard for me to find bags of the perfect size these days. i hate bags that are too big, and while i do like small bags, they sometimes don't fit my needs. not that i carry a whole lot. but the KILLER is when a pretty bag is just way too big. i.e. the valentino, it's lovely but big. and the small version just doesn't cut it. but i remember when i was totally in love with it. I should take it out again. feel the love.

so i should probably not buy because these shifting interests are only indicative of me being way too unstable. i probably don't actually like these bags because. i'm probably just lusting for something. plus i've NEVER liked the miu miu bow before. although that might be because of the shape and the size of the regular sized one. SIZE does a lot for me - it can make and break the bag. here, it makes it. same for the LV speedy 25. i LOVE the size it's perfect on an iconic bag. I want that one too. I guess i know what my wishlist is! add those to the valentino satin clutch. although $900 for a SATIN envelope is a little...outrageous. unfortunately.

oh i'm surprised

and i like that turnout. hooray!!

NOT that anyone cares. nuh uh

hmm i think this might be a problem

so around 5PM today, i was kind of hungry. so i thought, what did i eat today? what should i eat today? and then i was like "shit, i don't remember what i ate today." and then: "did i eat anything today?" "oh, i didn't...oops." and i didn't even notice. until i realized that the last thing i could remember eating was from yesterday.

damn. well i bought a sandwich, and ate it, and now am hungry again. but have no other food.

why have i completely lost the ability to feel hunger?

ugh. seriously?! you are the MOST obnoxious person i know

(this blog isn't interesting unless there's some interesting angst-filled hate-related post. here it is.)

YOU seriously have a fucking problem. seriously who the fuck does that. you must be the most obnoxious person i have EVER met, and i don't say that just because, i actually thought about all the obnoxious people i've ever met AND YOU ARE THE KING OF THEM ALL. i hope that makes you happy. oh, yeah, of course it does, why wouldn't it? why wouldn't it make you happy? because you WANT to be. isn't it so cool to you? you're not doing it for any specific purpose, you're doing it because you're fucking obnoxious. to fucking BE obnoxious. now that's worse than doing it for anything else i can think of

yeah sure nobody else notices this shit but that's because they don't fucking care about you. i wonder if you even care about THEM. no, you don't. because you fucking don't care about anyone. or anything. but yourself. now i might be wrong. after all i was wrong about 10. but for ALL intents and purposes you are a selfish douchebag. in fact, by occam's razor YOU ARE every bit i say you are. the universe just runs smoother that way. plain and simple.


might come tomorrow or thursday :) i love usps. i think they are a gazillion times faster than fedex or ups. um, as soon as they are POSTED, they get to the destination within 2 or 3 days. THAT'S AMAZING!! looking forward to having my shoess =) i wonder if i'll be disappointed. i mean they might be fake (i really hope not and don't think so) or they might be too big for me. the latter of which is more likely, because they are 7.5 and i have 6.5 feet...DOH...but they are from the collection that runs a little small, and i could fit into miu miu's at the store in size 7.5 no problem, and i can always pad?!??? i just hope they're not too..wide..cuz otherwise i really can't do anything.

oh, and i shipped the mouse flats back today. took a while, i'm sorry. i should have probably taken pictures of them before they went. after all it will probably be a while before i get another pair of mouse flats again..

i am so sleepy

yawwwn. although i have so mucch work to do!! if i can finish 100b tonight..that would be great..it's 5 questions, but the chapter is LONG.

i wonder if 1 day would be enough to do 700. i mean i just need to finish reading..and then learn that stuff..look at the psets...that i didn't do..and look over old psets...do practice tests...yeah, i think that's a lot.

but doable?

i also can't wait

to get my leather bow flats. I REALLY WANT TO DYE THEM. i shall go find the dude from harvard square and ask about dyeing jobs. as well as fixing the hole in my colorblock uggs (i love love lovee those). i want black with a salmon pink bow. kind of like a bow in my hair :) :) awws. yeah, anyways, i might not do it b/c it would ruin the leather and all. or be expensive. or look fake ): we'll see. CAN'T WAIT!! WHEN DO I GET THOSE?

lol $6 in ebay bucks

for the last 2 weeks. WHICH IS SAD, BECAUSE..THAT'S 2% OF MY TOTAL PURCHASES. okayyyyyyy. i get it in january. is it sad that i'm thinking what i should use it towards?

i like pretty things

if i were a guy i'd be like a total sucker for pretty things. i'd also be pretty violent too. oops. i'd be like the typical abusive boyfriend.

anyways im a girl and i like pretty things. shoes clothes handbags makeup. i can't wait to get my shoes. they are soo pretty. i stare at their pictures 8D can't wait!! anticipation: does it contribute or detract from actually getting the item (and then having it for a while?)

dress arrives thursday. shoes, probably the end of the week or such.

if i were a guy

i'd probably enjoy protecting someone, i.e. a girl. i wonder how feminists feel about that

should've spent more time on 100b, probably

but i can always say this. there will STILL only be 24 hours in a week. so i can only "spend more time" given that i HAVE enough time. which, if i think about it, i totally didn't last week. anyways, i'm glad to know that it actually IS curved, and that it actually WAS hard.. and i got a pretty good grade considering the amount of time i DID (or had to) spend on it : um, from 3 to like 6-7 AM the day before the 9:30 test. OH, AND I SLEPT IN FOR 1/2 HOUR...wtf?! hahahha.

plus, they grade the psets surprisingly easy. to in order to get an 100, i just need to sit down and do them. not BS some questions that I don't know how to do. as long as I have a solution, lol.. and i got an 85 on 700. hooray, i didn't get a C this time. -_______-

700 test this week. need. to. studdy. for that. but first i gotta go mail this package. so annoying. but it calms me down.

yeahh, right? i need to do 700 early. i think now my priorites are:

6.006 (cuz i need to learn this shit yo)
700 (check psets with people)
100b (no need to check psets, but certainly the tests require a lot of preparation)

funny how 6.02 is at the wayyy bottom above even my hass class? hass classes AREN'T EASY. isn't that sad? i mean they're not even supposed to be hard. we are at MIT after all. and no, i not actually *that bad* at humanities. never was. i guess i just wasn't ever that good. but I HAVE THIS FORMULA NOW to output good essays. i'll wait til the next essay to test it out. okayy

i love MIT

Monday, October 18, 2010

this it's relevant

now we repeat. funny how life is full of repetitions? no matter how you go about doing things, life can be modeled by a shitty sine curve. seriously.

or at least my life.

what does that say about me?

WOWW!! super duper stressful week!!

and this is supposed to be like a good week! i wonder if a week with 5 psets is a better week?! i'm surprised it's already almost 2. i need to do a shitton of stuff. i need...NEED..to finish 6.02 and music stuff RIGHT NOW. like, now. which sucks because i don't have the music in front of me? and will prob fail it anywasy cuz apparently they take the test questions from lecture and i didn't go to lecture for a while? i should, really really go to lectures. but i really don't have time!! i need to go to ALL my lectures tomorrow. starting WITH 18.100B.

anyways. so...finish that shit. will probably be time to sleep. do lab tomorrow, will probably take all day. then read 18.700. wow, i really needed to have started that this weekend. but i didn't. i see how i never learn. hah. hah hah. and of course, i still have an 18.100B pset. maybe i should do THAT tomorrow. finish it? lol, is that even possible? hahaha. and then i have wednesday and thursday to study for 700. is the test in class or what? i guess i'll find out tomorrow. i'm certain it's in class. b/c otherwise, they'd have said where it is and stuff. DANG!! not a lot of time to study, then. i still need to debug my code but THAT can wait until thursday. SIGH!! so much to learn for 700. a whole like 2 psets/2 chapters that i didn't really do. finish all other shit, read more 700. maybe i will have to do THAT tonight. let's see...maybe i can get in proving everything UP TO the shit i didn't do yet. tonight. long shot? maybe. but i always set all my goals to be long shots anyways, and never achieve them. oh well, i'm used to it.

i'm losing my taste for handbags...and gaining it all back with shoes

so let's say i just bought two pairs of shoes that totaled over $400. i mean that's the amount of money i'd almost ONLY spend on, say, a handbag, right? why is it so worth it now for two slips of leather (one denim?!) that go on your feet and get dragged around in the mud all day? they're not even boots. they're freakin' flats. one of which has a huge-ass logo on it. that i then turned around and bought another pair of. and then this one, is my favorite ♥ but it's also like some price of insanity. SMACK, SMACK! i don't even work! i'm a fucking student =D

anyways they are my FAVORITES!! denim navy blue. love :)♥ they've always been perfect ♥ but i am seriously on a ban now. to think that i could've bought authentic handbags many times over. but none of them appeal to me, unfortunately. GASP!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! :o:o

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why smoking is illegal and drugs like cocaine and heroin aren't

People who smoke know that they're going to die, and it might be because of smoking. Like you know middle-aged men would be like "yeah i smoke and do all of these things, i'm going to get lung cancer and die"

They KNOW that and accept it. but people who use heroin don't know they're going to die from it. even though they're much MORE likely to die from it. they're not able to even think that far.

if i were to pick housing again as a freshman,

i'd live in bexley house

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i REFUSE to believe

that you're a good person.

even if YOU think you are. you're just a righteous selfish moron.

you are NOT a good person. don't even try.

fall is just a second spring

when every leaf is a flower

ooh there seems to be

an influx of mouse flats

aww. so true. and cute. and ah fuck

There's three emotions that make people do extremely unpredictable things- anger, fear, and love.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

why do we major in (whatever we're majoring in?) why am i majoring in what i am?

So why are you NOT majoring in what you aren't majoring in? Because (1) you hate it, understandably. Or just plain aren't good at it. like i'm not going to major in physics. but honestly i don't hate much of anything else. like i don't hate bio, or chem, if i put in the time to work for those subjects. I probably will disdain the amount of work and classes you have to take, but I can't imagine feeling any different drawing molecular orbitals or being in genetics class than drawing wires and shit for 6.02. actually, i'd probably like genetics better.

In addition, I can't say that I particularly ENJOY proof-based psets, just because i don't enjoy psets in the first place, but not any more than any other psets that i'd imagine i'd have to do. it just seems to work out that I'm not happy nor am I dissatisfied. So why not? I'm really surprised that I'm a math and CS major, actually. In middle school the LAST thing I'd want to be is a math major...and less than a year ago the last thing I'd want to be in a CS major. And hey, I'm both.

It's funny because I do miss math, and by math I mean the type of math where you actually take your pencil out and do computations. I don't think i'm going to be doing that type of math any time soon. You can SUCK at adding single-digit numbers and still do really well in higher level math classes. Interesting, huh? If I wanted to do calculations, I should've been a physics major. Which is funny, because i am not close to being a physics major. In fact I really despised the numerical work last year in 8.022. The non-math classes are the ones that actually use numbers. This won't make any sense to anyone who's never experienced anything above AP calculus :P

I guess the question is, if people knew that ALL they'd be doing as a EECS major is drawing wires and calculating gains and shit like that, would they do it? Does anyone actually enjoy that shit even if they're majoring in it? Most people want to do CS for OTHER reasons, and most of those reasons, aren't anything we're going to touch on in class. So it seems kind of superfluous, huh? But nobody complains, of course, not really. They just do it..

Monday, October 4, 2010

i think i figured it out now, kthnx

now i'll just GO with it. it makes me happy. and makes me able to...just go with it


it's the same. as it was. and it didn't make sense then and it's the same now but now it makes sense just because..even though it doesn't make sense then and isn't any different. but !!

do you make yourself laugh?

i make myself laugh all the time.
it must be weird talking to me

i suppose..well..in a way..it makes sense

like, it follows. i suppose.

psh, guys totally PMS too.

you know what sucks?

THIS will probably never be resolved. other things, fortunately, have been resolved. BUT THIS NEVER WILL.

when you take pictures of pretty people, it's termed artistic

when you take pictures of ugly people, it's termed studio portrait. the ones that you buy

my mom used to say,

"when you're a student, time is more valuable." you know, i've never thought of this as true until now, when just having another 24 hours i'd probably get SO much more done

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i hope nobody buys

my mouse shoes
because it looks like someone's gonna buy the bag
UGH! want mouse shoes want

i am slowly gaining good friends

i am slowly gaining good friends who aren't t. or...werent? anyways. n and i talked for like 1 hr yesterday and today. that's reminiscent of what it used to be, and what it wasn't (with t). and it was all comfortable. lesson: don't write off people before you know them.

ya know i can complain, wonder about,

generally be angry about the fact that t does not seem to like to help me with my homework. i mean, what kind of friend doesn't like helping their friend on a simple math or bio problem? and it's not like i was asking something that wouldn't take more than a sentence or two to answer. he always seems kind of annoyed...or maybe i should take that as "wow you don't know this? how stupid" tone of voice.

BUT, on the other hand, in a completely unrelated note, he does type up and send me answers at 3 in the morning before the pset is due. and lets me copy proofs for math. and has basically done an entire project for me. so i shouldn't complain?

and, of course, there's also the point that it all doesn't matter now. so anyways, whatever

i wish i had orange juice

or chocolate milk

just fyi guys

the clock does not work

does this work?

hi alicewankers

im past the point of "hanging out" with people

if i don't spend time with them regularly, they're not my friends. how about that. hanging out with people is like idk, it's like the beginning but it would be nice if we could hang out regularly and not just once every month to be considered..actual good friends? it's really fucking frustrating that w has more friends than me or so it seems even though i know her friends and they are like the really annoying clingy type of people

i think i'm incapable

of being sad about more than one thing. if i have something that makes me sad, and then there's something else that makes me sad, then i start feeling sad about the first thing...BECAUSE of the second. so i'd be like, sad...and it'll be because of the first thing, not the second, even though the second one caused it.

i think i'm incapable

of being sad about more than one thing. if i have something that makes me sad, and then there's something else that makes me sad, then i start feeling sad about the first thing...BECAUSE of the second. so i'd be like, sad...and it'll be because of the first thing, not the second, even though the second one caused it.

i take that back

ellene is so fucking whiny

Saturday, October 2, 2010

perfectly honest post #1

cos u asked for it. WHICH MEANS YOU BETTER RESPOND. or go comment on my blog (also publishing to my blog via email, let's see if it works. ok.)


i hate guys. THEY SUCK. i hate guys because they either don't actually want to be friends with you, or they DON'T DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO. Like i hate it when guys like me and they're all creepy and think i like them because i OBVIOUSLY DON'T and i don't fucking do anything that makes it seem that way. seriously. i can totally be not flirty if i want to you know. well some guys are cool and i like talking to them and they don't act creepy at all BUT MOST OF THEM DO. and by most of them i mean, most of the guys whom i don't like. well i wouldn't mind them as a friend but other than that i don't like them. also wtf, i know that guys are supposed to, like, initiate things, because otherwise girls totally wouldn't and nobody would ever be in a relationship with anybody, BUT STILL. How hard is it to learn not to be creepy? Oh i guess its like a social thing, some people just aren't very tactful. oh i guess that's not the main part. the main part is fucking then they don't want to be friends with me anymore cos if they're creepy i can't help not being nice to them. like if im nice to them that just makes things worse. but of course they stay friends with other girls so i dont have any guy friends who don't hate me anymore.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if there are guys that i think are cool or special or whatever and i WANT THEM TO LIKE ME, they don't. and i dont want them to like me cos i want to be a relationship with them or anything, cos i have a boyfriend, but i just want them to like me because i think it would be cute. AND OF COURSE THEY DON'T and don't act creepy at all even though it would be cute or act creepy but don't like me (which i guess is ok cos their type of creepiness is super cute). um, then i take it all personally and i hate them and get mad AND I WANT THEM TO SUFFER and i hate guys and want all guys to suffer but then im like no i just want those specific ones to because im mad at them. lol. of course these are generally the type of guys i describe as super innocent...um, not in the alex way, but more innocent than that...so of course i shouldn't take it personally but i do and then for some reason they stop talking to me too.



reposting this, because it is SO TRUE & SCARY

whoa, the thing about t being like krista
scares the fucking crap out of me. because the resemblance is striking.

it does make me feel better though. because nobody actually liked krista, and krista didn't really like anyone either

do you ever act stupid

and do you ever regret acting stupid? or being stupid?

I fucking walked into a door

and now i fucking have a bruise
but i wish it would bruise more, cuz bruises on my face are cool

maybe this is what you mean..

is it weird that i know absolutely NOTHING about someone whom i think i know so well? oh, do I even think that? have i even thought about this at all? maybe if i did, i would've realized this sooner..

Friday, October 1, 2010

whoa, the thing about t being like krista

scares the fucking crap out of me. because the resemblance is striking.

it does make me feel better though. because nobody actually liked krista, and krista didn't really like anyone either